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Are you meeting up with someone who took a mixology class once and now only drinks the finest of cocktails? It’s one of our all-around favorite spots in the neighborhood, thanks to the excellent cocktails, great back patio, and low-key-but-not-boring atmosphere. If your first date goes well here, consider stopping by Bunna Cafe for an Ethiopian dinner. Park Slope might be dominated by strollers and toy stores, but thanks to spots like Bar Goto Niban, you can still feel like you’re having a night out in Lower Manhattan. This Brooklyn bar is from the people behind Bar Goto on the LES and shares the same selection of Japanese cocktails and bar snacks. In addition to a curated list of wine, sherry, and amari, El Pingüino also serves an impressive raw bar selection and small plates, but you never get the feeling that you’re required to have a full meal.

Tokyo Nightlife • A Complete Guide

Several restaurants and bars are there such as the Bar Lounge “The Trinitey Club” and restaurant “Asia De New York” where great cocktails and international cuisine can be savored. The beautiful cathedral will be lit up at night, creating a romantic atmosphere for couples to take a stroll around the area. Every city has its very own It-Place, an area with lots of nightlife options, cool bars, and clubs.

The elegant rooms at Hotel Lieto come in a variety of options. Guests have the chance to choose between a standard double room, a deluxe room, or even a double room with early check-in. Air-conditioning, heating, and free Wi-Fi are available at the hotel.

It takes about an hour and a half to climb any of the trails, and the paths are full of tranquil shrines. Compared to Mt. Fuji, it is a much easier hike with plenty of shade and ample bathrooms, food stalls, and resting opportunities. Mt. Takao is especially popular among families, young adults, and groups of elderly men.

But don’t limit your trip to just walking through paths lined with cherry blossoms, surprise them with some of these fun and unforgettable experiences. The Tennozu Isle region is located conveniently from various regions in Tokyo such as Shibuya and Odaiba, as well as Haneda Airport. Today, the place is saturated with various restaurants and cafes, making it an amazing place already to have a great dinner.

Best Neighborhood in Tokyo for Nightlife: Roppongi & Shinjuku

If you plan to explore Tokyo, this romantic hotel can help you with its great location. It is within walking distance of the subway station and hotspots such as Hikawa Park, Hundertwasser Millennium Clock, and Okamura Chair Museum. If you want the good conversation and “date-like” atmosphere for more than the acceptable hour and a half at a restaurant, just skip the restaurant altogether. Instead, take a picnic and a bottle of wine to any of the parks in Tokyo. The city is full of all sorts of parks where it is perfectly acceptable to spread out on a blanket under a tree or toss back a bottle of wine on a bench near the water features.

This shopping street is also connected to other smaller alleys outside the station, and I can safely say, you won’t be bored here. Ok, Tokyo Tower is perhaps the least “off the beaten path” spot on this list at a glance, but most people go there for the food spots and the attractions (One Piece Tower!). But, one spot that is less known among couples — but which makes the ideal teamwork date spot — is the Tower’s stairs, which are open to the public on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Aoyama St. Grace Cathedral starred in several famous dramas and movies and is known to be one of the symbolic sites for couples to visit. The beautiful cathedral will be lit up at night, creating an ideal atmosphere of romantic things to do for couples.

This is the one of the romantic things to do in Tokyo with your date. The city has a lot of spots to drink by the water and even more places to drink good wine, but if you want to do them both at the same time, you should go to City Vineyard. They serve good, affordable house wines on tap, and the roof deck next to the Hudson River in Tribeca has lots of tables, bar seats, and couches overlooking the water and FiDi.

Goryokaku was designated as a national special historic site and the surrounding park is known for its famous cherry blossoms. The 107m-high Goryokaku Tower adjacent to the park is a spot where you can marvel at a unique view of the gorgeous Hokkaido cherry blossoms from above. It opened in Odaiba, Tokyo in 2018 summer, and now became one of the most popular tourist sites in the city. The museum offers a whole new digital art experiences in various installation rooms using the latest technology and creation in the vast 10,000 square meters space in total.

Disney Sea is a fantastic option for Disney fans looking for a “magical night.” Disney Sea boasts an incredible reproduction of Venice, Italy, even featuring singing gondola rides. An entire day at Disney Sea is exhausting, and the long waits in line could get awkward. Better to keep it light, hit a few rides, drink a beer, and watch a show. A quirky day-time date idea is to hit up the CUPNOODLES Museum.

It’s not a very big museum, but it can take a few hours to read and enjoy each piece, plus it’s a wonderful spot for philosophical conversations with your partner too. The NACT doesn’t have any collections or permanent displays but organizes scheduled shows set up by groups and organizations. These vary greatly from month to month — which is why it’s also a good place to visit regularly. As a date spot, you can enjoy seeing works of art that might never be shown in Japan again, as well as works by local artists in watercolor, calligraphy, and so on. Sony ExploraScience is an experienced based science museum located at Daiba, and is a place loved by couples and families.

The Tokyo food tour includes many delicious snacks along the way and a six-course meal at an authentic restaurant. Easily one of the best date ideas in Tokyo, a food tour is fun, interactive and of course, delicious. The Tokyo museum showcases the evolution of Japanese art and culture. Once more, if you want to explore the grounds and the next building as well, it might be daunting.

Here’s 10 (almost) secret Tokyo hidden gems to add to your itinerary

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