‘Dating Around’ Season 2 Cast Now: Where They Are Today, Instagrams

In this original, Dating Around follows different singles as they’re set up on five blind dates each. After almost a year and a half of waiting, viewers finally get a second date with the breezy and bingeable Netflix series Dating Around. Season 2 of the romantic reality show is now available to stream, and it really couldn’t have come at a better time. The almost aggressively low stakes are also the show’s one major weakness. Dating Around’s main tension is, essentially, “Which of these five people might get a second date?

Also, within five to 10 minutes, I sort of knew that none of these guys was going to be a love connection. So I thought, let’s just have fun with it and see what the actual dynamic is. Smith’s sister Stephanie said on the docuseries that Alex Murdaugh’s brother Randy Murdaugh called the family the day Smith was found dead informing him that he wanted to take the case free of charge.

Episode 3: Lex and Cory

The episode’s “big” reveal comes at the end, when Luke decides which of the five women he wants to take on a second date. Dating Around isn’t remotely didactic, and yet through its casting, editing, and production, it focuses on the subtle ways both misunderstandings and connections can emerge across race and gender. In the current season, Demi, who is Dominican, is clearly not into a sweet gringo in a floral shirt telling a weird story about peeing in a car. Instead, she bonds with a Honduran guy over their shared Latinx identity; he talks about being arrested in a mistaken identity moment.

Netflix’s «Dating Around” Feels Subversive Even Though It Shouldn’t Be

If the couple don’t wed within the tight time frame, the non-U.S. Reality dating shows can be a great escape from everyday life, and there are dozens to watch on streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu (such as «90 Day Fiancé» and «Love Is Blind»). American viewers also aren’t limited to shows made domestically — plenty of reality shows, like the popular British dating competition «Love Island,» are available to stream in the US as well. On one Season 2 date, pescatarian Heather is clearly turned off when her blind date shares that he enjoys hunting ducks. «I used to have a pet duck,» Heather says, conjuring up some awkward silence. Ben is definitely the nice guy of his friend group, and he’s coming out of a very long-term relationship.

The Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of New Orleans didn’t find love on the show, but he recently joined Instagram and is putting himself out there. The dating show follows four couples who have previously broken up. This ranges from high school sweethearts to long-distance relationships.

Since the season was wrapped, the two have not revealed the developments of their relationship. In the last episode of the first season, fans were entertained with a romantic tale between Mila and Charlotte. Mila works as an editorial makeup artist, good enough to feature on Vogue, and Charlotte is a professional party organizer. The two jobs are likely to link up, so did the two hit it off quite easily. Dating Around isa more realistic dating show with a sort of traditional style of romance. Drinks and dinner helped them build deeper connections, and due to some contestants being easily datable, they were quick to get a match to take to the second date.

Spend Valentine’s Day watching Dating Around, the crème de la crème of Netflix’s reality romances. Deva moved to New Orleans from New York City to pursue her career as a musician—and she’s got a lot to live up to, because her father is blues musician Taj Mahal. Netflix features one season of this popular show, season 6 with anastasia date scam? contestant Ali Fedotowsky. Before getting into Love on the Spectrum, please note that while the show received high reviews from critics, many autistic writers shared their mixed thoughts on it. Many found it to be entertaining and a great starting point for representation, but felt as though some moments missed the mark.


Dating Around, which arrived on Netflix last month, has none of those things. Each of its six episodes follows a New Yorker as they go on five separate dates across the city, navigating through awkward silences, shared passions, bad jokes and arguments over cultural differences. In its diversity and anti-sensationalist gaze, it’s the reality dating show closest to dating in reality. Often representations of race on reality television are reduced to racist scandals. Each episode of the series follows one person going on five blind dates, with dates including people of various races and sexual orientations. I’m starting to think Netflix really likes making these dating shows.

In the Japanese Netflix show «Terrace House,» six single strangers share a lavish house. Netflix’s original dating series debuted last Valentine’s Day. If you don’t, but you’ve been on Twitter at any point in the last few years, you’ve probably seen memes from the show featuring reality TV star Tiffany «New York» Pollard. Top editors give you the stories you want — delivered right to your inbox each weekday. Luckily for fans, there are dozens to watch on streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu (such as «90 Day Fiancé» and «Love Is Blind»).

While we don’t have any issues with who is the sexier part of our relationships — it’s the other person — there are others who do. Whether or not Sarah and Matt are still dating is a mystery, but they’re at least still friends. You can check out the comments on one of Matt’s recent posts, where he calls Sarah “wonderful,” “great,” and “pretty freaking cool”–and also Sarah chimes in too.

Too Hot To Handle blew up on Netflix when it first came out in 2020, so much so that it received a second season not that long after. The show became so popular that now it has a Brazilian version on the streaming platform, too. To me, it’s certainly the guiltiest pleasure out of all the dating shows on here to watch – some of these participants are just ridiculous – it’s still a lot of fun. Paradise Hotel is another dating show that is somewhat in the vein of The Bachelor.

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At the end of the episode, the main contestant’s big choice is made. Love is Blind is a social experience where contestants of the opposite sex are put into separate “pods” and they date around for ten days— all without seeing each other’s faces. Contestants are allowed to propose to one another at any point during the ten days and if the feeling is reciprocated, they are able to meet in person.